Wintriss Application Note for Die-Mounted Junction Boxes

Application Note for Die-Mounted Junction Boxes

Some 3rd Party Die-Mounted Junction boxes are NOT compatible with the DSI-2


One of the most innovative features of the DSI 2 is its ability to accept input from either NPN or PNP sensors without having to do any special wiring, programing, or configuration; you just plug in either type, and the DSI-2 can monitor it.

Because of this feature, the DSI 2 is incompatible with any die-mounted junction box equipped with LED indicators, such as the one shown below.

Turck Junction Box

The Junction Box Above Is Typical Of The Type That Is NOT Compatible With The DSI 2. 
Note The LED Indicators Next To The Connectors.

In order for the DSI 2 to have the ability to monitor either NPN or PNP sensors, its inputs look for current flow rather than a specific voltage level. As long as a sensor is actuated, the DSI will detect that it is "On" whether the input voltage level is 0 volts or 24 volts.

If the die-mounted junction box is equipped with LED indicators, these components can cause current to flow through the DSI input even when the corresponding sensor is not actuated, leading to a condition where the inputs appear "locked" on. The easiest way to avoid this condition is to utilize only "plain" junction boxes without indicator lights.

Wintriss offers a complete line of compatible junction boxes, connectivity products, and sensors including proximity and photoelectric sensors, die-mountable junction boxes, cables, and connectors.

If you would like to know if a specific junction box (or other product) is compatible, please contact the Wintriss factory.

Turck Junction Box

This Is An Example Of A Compatible Junction Box. Note The Absence Of LED Indicators.

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