Wintriss ProPAC

SmartPAC 2 - ProPAC In-Die Measurement and Process Monitor

Measure parts in the die, on the fly. Automatically keep the good ones, and scrap the bad ones.


The Wintriss ProPAC module for SmartPAC 2 allows you to monitor up to 16 analog or digital sensors.   Analog sensors can be used to measure part dimensions.   ProPAC has built-in shift registers to track a bad part through the die, and features sensor-controlled outputs that can be used to divert bad parts.   ProPAC can also be used to monitor discrete output (die protection) sensors.   You can connect up to two ProPAC modules to your SmartPAC 2, giving you as many as 32 additional inputs.

ProPAC waveform display

ProPAC Sensor Output Waveform Display

With ProPAC you can:

  • Monitor dimensions of parts in the die
  • Detect pulled slugs under the stripper plate
  • Monitor Bearing Temperature
  • Divert "bad" parts to scrap
  • Measure parts at one station and divert them at another
  • Stop the press or set off an alarm if too many "bad" parts are produced
  • Measure up to 16 parameters, including form angle and height, draw depth, material thickness, feed length, temperature, pressure, electric current, and others
  • Perform die protection functions
  • Monitor process conditions, including nitrogen and lube pressure, bearing temperature, and main motor current

ProPAC Sensor Programming Screen

ProPAC Sensor Programming Screen

ProPAC's operator-friendly interface:

  • Walks you through setup step-by-step
  • Explains important programming details in help screens
  • Names each sensor input by function
  • Displays measurements and control limits in true units
  • Lets you set manual or automatic parameter limits: 
    o Manual limits: for in-die dimension measurements 
    o Automatic limits: for detecting changes in process parameters during a run
  • "Shift Registers" to track parts as they pass through a transfer or progressive die


While the press is running, ProPAC:

  • Displays the waveform of any sensor's output
  • Allows you to "zoom in" for a close-up view of any waveform
  • Enables you to adjust timing and control limits graphically on the waveform display


Proportional Output Sensors for ProPAC include:

  • LVDT Gage Head
  • Analog Prox
  • Pneumatic LVDT
  • Current Sensor
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor

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