Wintriss WaveFormPAC

SmartPAC 2 - WaveFormPAC Tonnage Signature Monitor

Advanced through-the-stroke monitor displays and stores tonnage waveform profiles for each tool.


WaveFormPAC Tonnage Signature

WaveFormPAC monitors the tonnage waveform profiles during each press stroke and stops the press if variations exceed preset limits.

  • Verify setups
  • Check tool timing
  • Monitor snap-through (reverse) load
  • Diagnose tooling problems
  • Separately monitor clamping and forming forces
  • Verify part quality
  • Analyze draw speed
  • For press speeds up to 250 strokes per minute
  • When paired with our ShopFloorConnect Machine Monitoring Software, the WaveFormPAC data can be stored on the server for later comparison and reporting.

WaveFormPAC Benchmark Signature Comparison

For the ultimate in on-the-spot setup verification, the WaveFormPAC allows you to store a benchmark waveform for each die, and compare it to the current signature right on the SmartPAC 2's screen!

WaveFormPAC Tonnage vs Critical Curve Comparison

To ensure that you're not exceeding the off-bottom load capabilities of your press, the WaveFormPAC allows you to do an on-screen comparison of your actual tonnage signature against the maximum tonnage curve for the press.

Wintriss Strain links

Strain Links Used With All Wintriss Tonnage Monitors. 
These Are Mounted On The Frame Of The Press.

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