Wintriss SmartPAC 2 Servo

SmartPAC 2 Servo

You liked SmartPAC 2 for your mechanical presses— Now we've created a version with many servopress-specific features.

Servo Press-Specific Features

  • Multiple Stages - SmartPAC 2 Servo can set the upper and lower limits for up to ten stages of motion.
  • Self learning feature that allows the operator to run the machine through its programmed stages and automatically capture upper and lower limits for each stage.
  • Ability to 'mask' programmable limit switch outputs and die protection sensor inputs for any stage.   This allows you to actuate limit switches and monitor sensors only during the stages where they are needed.
  • User-selectable resolution curves - The SmartPAC 2 Servo has 5 built-in resolution curves that allow for sinusoidal motion and/or provide resolution as small as 0.001" of linear travel for programmable limit switch outputs and sensor inputs.
  • Multi stage information and resolution curves are individually stored with each setup, allowing you to configure your machine differently for each job.

The SmartPAC 2 Servo uses an accurate magnetostrictive linear position sensor to monitor the ram position.   The graphical user interface for die protection and programmable cams in the SmartPAC 2 for mechanical presses is maintained by dividing the downstroke from 0° to 180° and the upstroke from 180° to 360°.

Standard SmartPAC 2 Servo Features and Options

  • Saves settings for 200 tools
  • Powerful counting capabilities, including stroke, parts, batch presets and total hits-on-a-tool
  • Password security allows you to protect your settings -- individual settings or all settings
  • Scratchpad stores various items by tool number, such as the kind of material used, die location in the press, press speed, etc.
  • Large color display: 10.4" diagonal—more than three times the area of the original SmartPAC!
  • Run your SmartPAC 2 Servo from your desktop PC with Remote Access.
  • Summary screens for sensors and cams. See DiProPAC and ProCamPAC below for details
  • Global cams. See ProCamPAC below for details
  • Messaging send messages to email and text-enabled pagers/cell-phones
  • Built-in backup and restore capability.   You can save a copy of SmartPAC 2's setup memory and initialization setting on your network, and restore it to the SmartPAC 2 when needed.
  • Easier Firmware Upgrades - No chips to change when you add new features.   SmartPAC 2 firmware can be upgraded through the built-in USB port.
  • SmartView press status from anywhere in the world
  • Hot Keys easier navigation—popular screens just one or two buttons away
  • Help Key just press the "Help" key for any screen
  • Enhanced Error/Event Log time stamped detailed information for 200 most recent errors/events
  • Enhanced Diagnostics status of inputs, resolver and more
  • Easy to upgrade from SmartPAC 1! The SmartPAC 2 is only 1" taller, all other dimensions remain the same.   For panel mounts, if there is 1" extra space at the bottom of your current installation, you only have to drill 3 new holes at the bottom - no need to enlarge the cutout!   All of your existing optional PAC modules, resolver, DSI, cam outputs, SFI, and other connections go directly into SmartPAC 2!   All your existing setups can be transferred to the SmartPAC 2; ask your Wintriss Rep to help.
  • The Info Center option allows SmartPAC 2 to display setup sheets, drawings, photographs, and other information right at the press.
  • DiProPAC 8, 16, or 32 sensor die protection module prevents costly downtime, damage and die repairs by providing timely feedback, control and advance warning of potential problems.
  • ProCamPAC 8 or 16 channel programmable cam (limit switch) module
  • AutoSetPAC 2 or 4 point load analyzers monitor press tonnage and load conditions
  • Servofeed Interface (SFI) allows you to interface to popular brands of servofeed controls.
  • PM Monitor tracks up to 64 maintenance items and alerts you when each is due.
  • Bilingual Menus (English/Spanish) run mode for Status and Adjust menus.
  • Custom Consoles and Panels combine any and all press controls, motor/starter options, touch-control buttons, etc., in a compact, fully integrated workstation.
  • Wintriss ShopFloorConnect® Manufacturing Data Collection Software automates the on-line collection of operating data from the SmartPAC 2 Servo and every other machine in your plant.

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