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Automec Back Gauging Systems

Our backgauge systems consist of a programmable control where the operator enters a dimension and a motorized gauging mechanism automatically moves through a sequence of programmed dimensions. Our systems also offer program-ability of the ram for many pressbrakes. They can offer programmable "top of stroke," "slow speed," and "bottom of stroke." Our systems can be retrofitted to existing pressbrakes, shears, and punches.



The PC800 is a graphical control for Automec’s family of backgauges that uses digital photos and 2-D graphics to make your pressbrake forming easier and is available in up to 3 axes.



The CNC9x9 backgauge system is a simple-to-use 9 bend, single axis system that was developed as a low cost solution to be used with Automec’s series of backgauges for pressbrakes.

CNC 150


The CNC 150 Backgauge Control is our most popular control and is a simple low-cost way to improve your press brake productivity. Productivity increases of over 40% are typical when using this system over manual gauging.

CNC 300


The CNC 300 Backgauge Control can be programmed as simple as our popular CNC 150 or it can be programmed to utilize an array of sophisticated functions.

CNC 600


CNC 600 control offers many of the features and capabilities our customers have been asking for. We’ve developed the CNC 600 to offer similar press brake / backgauge functioning as the popular CNC 150 & CNC 300 controls.

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Automec Back Gauge Systems