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Coleman Machinery offers P/A Precision Air Feeds handle a variety of different materials. Paper, plastic, foil, fabric, wire, tubing. The Authorized Re-seller of PA Servo Feeders, Servo Roll Feeders, Precision Air Feeders. (Electrical and Pneumatic) Call Coleman Machinery Today for Pricing. Coleman Machinery offers P/A Industries Press feeding equipment. The electronic controls:. have the flexibility of dependable accuracy and faster speeds with no maintenance.

Your "One Stop Shop from Servo Presses to Slug-Shakers", since 1979.

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MICRO SERVO ROLL FEED (Servo Feed) (Servo Feeder)(Servo Feeders) (Servo Feeds)

The Revolution in Feeding Material Faster and more Accurately continues

The New Micro Feed is the smallest, least expensive servo feed available anywhere in the world today. The feed is so compact, it can fit in the palm of a hand making installation in constricted areas possible.

The most affordable, compact, high technology electronic feeder is now ready for your operation

MINI SERVO ROLL FEED (Servo Feed)(Servo Feeders) (Servo Feeder) (Servo Feeds)

Sized For Small Tonnage Presses
Time to replace your Air Feed with a truly affordable Servo Roll Feed - The P/A Mini.
The reduction in maintenance and downtime alone easily justifies the switch to the Mini Feed. These Mini Servo Feeds have all of the benefits and features of our larger models. Rugged Steel Frame Construction, Permanently Mounted Feed Rolls, High Performance AC Brushless Servo Motor, Matte Finished Hard Chrome Feed Rolls, Feed mounting bracket for up to 2.5 inch (64mm) of die height adjustment AND MANY MORE...

K350 EDGE SERVO ROLL FEED (Servo Feed) (Servo Feeders) (Servo Feeder) (Servo Feeds)

High Performance Servo Feeds at an Economical Price

The P/A K350 Edge series was developed in response to the contract stampers need for an electronic servo feed at a reasonable cost. Set up is quick and simple. Just enter your feed progression and speed. Constant Up-Time is achieved through the use of reliable, brushless AC Servo drives. Feed length accuracy is assured by the closed loop, encoder feedback circuit.
In addition to the cast iron roll feed housing and oversized, chrome-plated rolls, The Edge has incoming catenary rolls, adjustable mounting bracket for pass line height adjustment, inch/metric programmability, "Feed Before Press" or "Press Before Feed" priority mode selection, single stroke or continuous press mode capability, jog to length capability, and many more...

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K350 DYNAMAX SERVO ROLL FEED (Servo Feed) (Servo Feeders) (Servo Feeder) (Servo Feeds)

The P/A K350 Dynamax Feeds Material to 75" Wide
Just some of the standard features of this Servo Feed:

  • Rugged Steel Frame
  • Unique Design Keeps Roll Parallelism w/ Off Center Loading
  • Precision Gear Driven Upper Roll w/ Anti-Backlash
  • Pneumatic Pilot Release of Upper Rolls for Strip Insertion
  • Batch Counter
  • On-The-Fly, Micro Adjust Feed Length

PUSH-PULL SERVO ROLL FEED (Servo Feed) (Servo Feeders) (Servo Feeder) (Servo Feeds)

Push-Pull Servo Feed Used extensively for Gasket, Foil, Fabric, Teflon and other limp, delicate material.

Both Servo Feeds are synchronized by a single control with proprietary new software. Pushing the material into position and simultaneously pulling the strip or skeleton away from the tool provides better control and eliminates buckling.

The Push-Pull can be manufactured using any model of P/A Feed - from the Micro to the Maximus, even Wire Feeds and Profiled Parts Feeds.

This system can be used for non-coil strip feeding and can increase piece part production by as much as 400% vs. many strip feed applications.

K350 MAGNUM SERVO ROLL FEED (Servo Feed) (Servo Feeders) (Servo Feeder) (Servo Feeds)

12 Models Available

The P/A K350 Magnum is Robust in Size and Construction. The Roll Feed frame is machined from a stabilized casting for strength, rigidity, and precision. Feed rolls are fabricated from heavy wall alloy steel tubing. A press mounting bracket with plus or minus 2" vertical adjustment is included as standard equipment.
The combination of servo motor and gear reducer gives the Magnum optimum pulling power, speed, and accuracy. The electrical control features include Jog-To-Feed length, press or feed priority selection, press/feeder synchronous checking, six digit batch counter, and single stroke capability. Other controller options such as strip measurement wheel, sequential feeding, and tool gagging, are available.

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K650 MAXIMUS SERVO ROLL FEED (Servo Feed) (Servo Feeders) (Servo Feeder) (Servo Feeds)

The P/A K650 Maximus is built to handle your most demandng feeding applications.

The robust frame is designed for feeding material up to half an inch thick. A heavy-duty servomotor and gearbox drive the massive six-inch diameter rolls providing optimum pulling power, speed and accuracy.
Extended length, heavy duty catenary entrance rolls and self-centering stock edge guides, as well as the Feed Mounting Cabinet with 12" of Height Adjustment are just a few of the standard mechanical features. The High Performance Digital Servo Drive provides the latest Servo Feed technology.

K350 ADVANTAGE SERVO ROLL FEED (Servo Feed) (Servo Feeders) (Servo Feeder) (Servo Feeds)

The P/A K350 Advantage - Our Best Selling Servo Feed

  • "X" Models offer extra thickness capacity.
  • Multiple Job Storage - Storage for up to 200 jobs is standard.
  • Micro Adjust - New parameters allow for micro adjustment of the feed distance as the feed is running.
  • Back Length - Used in Cut-To-Length or Cut-Off applications, this feature backs the material away from the blade allowing the blade to be raised without lifting the fresh cut edge of the material - particularly useful for thin or delicate material.

TANGENT SERVO WIRE FEEDS (Servo Feed) (Servo Feeders) (Servo Feeder) (Servo Feeds)

The newest addition to P/A's line of Servo Feeds is made especially for feeding wire.
Multiple modules enable more pulling force to be applied to the material without damage to the delicate wire.
These Wire Feeds use P/A's familiar and easy to use Allen Bradley based Controls. Feeds come standard with two custom profiled "U" shaped grooves ground symmetrically so that the rolls can be flipped and your die line is maintained. This process takes minutes.
The most affordable, compact, high tech electronic wire feeder is now ready for your operation.

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SERVO STAGGER (ZIG ZAG) FEED (Servo Feed) (Servo Feeders) (Servo Feeder) (Servo Feeds)

With the rapidly increasing cost of material,
the P/A Servo Stagger Feed can save up to 13% material scrap.
Just enter the blank size, material width, and number of rows. The P/A Servo Stagger Feed, also known as a Zig-Zag in the industry, will conform the most optimal pattern for the strip. The P/A Servo Stagger Feed has the ability to run at faster speeds by moving forward and backward. This enables the feed to shift one blank at a time, as opposed to two at a time, creating a shorter move and therefore faster speeds.

SCRAP CHOPPERS, CUTTERS AND SHEARS (Servo Feed) (Servo Feeders) (Servo Feeder) (Servo Feeds)

Mechanical, Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic Actuation

Whether you need to remove scrap from your press or need a Stock Cutter in your production line, P/A has a Cutter, Shear or Chopper for you.

PROFILED PARTS FEEDER - SERVO FEED (Servo Feed) (Servo Feeders) (Servo Feeder) (Servo Feeds)

Profiled Parts Feed

P/A developed the Profiled Parts Servo Feed for those manufacturers that need to feed their shaped or previously formed material into a secondary process such as molding, plating or coating, and shearing. The PPF has special collared rolls to feed your material in safely and securely. These collars are adjustable to suit different shapes. Feeding is controlled using any one of the P/A Servo Roll Feeds - it all depends on what your application requires.

Contact P/A to discuss your unique application.

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PRECISION AIR FEEDS (Servo Feed) (Servo Feeders) (Servo Feeder) (Servo Feeds)

Two Year Warranty - The Only One in the Industry
At P/A Industries, our goal is to provide the best Air Feeder available anywhere in the world. We believe in our quality and back this up with a two-year warranty. In addition, we enclose a Free Repair & Service certificate with every Precision Air Feeder we ship. This certificate is good for the life of the P/A Feed.

P/A is the only Air Feed manufacturer that provides low maintenance, high cycle life cup wiper seals on the main cylinder. Our patented system sequences high speed models up to 400 cycles per minute for faster and more accurate pneumatic feeding.

3 Methods of Actuation are available: Mechanical, Remote Pneumatic and Remote Electric.

HEAVY DUTY AIR FEED (Servo Feed) (Servo Feeders) (Servo Feeder) (Servo Feeds)

Patented, Automatic Control and Extra Pulling Power
The P/A Heavy Duty Air Feed utilizes a patented, automatic control to synchonize all feeding functions with a momentary signal from the limit switch.
Dual Air Cylinders provide extra pulling power and internal, dual shock absorbers control feed head and material inertia for accurate feeding.
(1) Recommended operating pressure 80-120 PSI (6-8 Bar).
(2) Maximum clearance .150" (3.8mm).
(3) Approximate speed at maximum feed length with light weight material. Speed will decrease as the weight of cross sectional strip area being fed increases.

BAND FEED (Servo Feed) (Servo Feeders) (Servo Feeder) (Servo Feeds)

The P/A Band Feed is an Innovative Approach
to solving the problems of indexing very limp and delicate materials such as foil, film, paper, fabric, mylar, and teflon.
Material is fed between two endless belts which the P/A Air Feed then clamps and feeds. Marking, tearing, and buckling are completely eliminated while moving the material into, or out of, the work station accurately - cycle after cycle. Three actuation methods are available: Mechanical, Remote Pneumatic and Remote Electric.
Available on CX, FX, and HX models.

WIRE FEED (Servo Feed) (Servo Feeders) (Servo Feeder) (Servo Feeds)

Feed Wire Smoothly and Accurately

The installation of stainless steel telescoping tubes enable the Air Feed to deliver wire smoothly and accurately to the machine. Whip and buckling problems disappear when using the Wire Feed for round, or nearly round materials over both long and short progressions.

3 Methods of Actuation available: Mechanical, Electrical and Pneumatic.
Wire Straightener sold separately.
Used on AX and CX Models only.
*Consult Factory for Correct Wire Tube Assembly and Quote.

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