WPC 2000 - Wintriss Clutch / Brake Control

WPC 2000 - Wintriss Clutch / Brake Control

The WPC 2000 clutch/brake controls is your best choice for press safety, reliability and support.

The WPC 2000 Clutch/Brake Control is an easy-to-use, dual microprocessor based system that controls a part revolution clutch mechanical power press.   With its two independent microprocessor systems, the WPC 2000 provides diverse redundancy, the best technology in maintaining optimum clutch/ brake control and greater operator safety.

The WPC 2000's resolver eliminates the need for a mechanical rotary limit switch, and brings all timing adjustments to the operator control panel.

To increase productivity, the digital readout displays key information, such as press speed, stopping time and comprehensive error code diagnostics.   And its crank-angle clock dynamically indicates the position of the crankshaft, whether the press is running or at rest.

Meets or exceeds all ANSI B11.1-2009 and OSHA 1910.217 regulations, including Control Reliability.

WPC 2000 Integrated with SmartPAC 2
The WPC 2000 can be combined with a SmartPAC 2 to seamlessly integrate all of your press control, automation, and monitoring functions.   The WPC 2000/SmartPAC 2 integration provides a comprehensive user interface for all WPC 2000 functions and WPC 2000 initialization.

You can enable and set Micro-Inch, and program important press control parameters from using the SmartPAC 2 keypad.   In addition, SmartPAC 2 provides an on-screen diagnostics display that shows the status of all of the inputs and switches.

You can expand the functionality of the SmartPAC 2 / WPC 2000 integration with the Option 2 Expansion Module.

WPC 2000

  • Interrupted stroke provision significantly improves pressroom productivity
  • Internal brake monitor checks press-stopping performance
  • 9 Customized status codes (including 2 cross-checked pairs) installed by user
  • Micro-inch capability improves set-up
  • Self-diagnostics identifies control problems
  • Can be integrated with SmartPAC® for greater ease of use (see screen shots below)
  • Optional Auto-compensated Top Stop (ACTS) adjusts the top-stop angle automatically as press speed changes or the brake wears.
  • Optional Shadow® light curtain provides point-of-operation guarding
  • Optional Foot Switch, One-Hand Control, External Trip, Continuous-on-Demand and Bar Modes for maximum flexibility
  • Optional Auxiliary E-Stop Relay Outputs for stopping or preventing from starting up to three auxiliary devices like a feed or a transfer if any e-stop button is pressed, any light curtain is interrupted or any cross-checked input is open.

WPC 1000

  • Meets or exceeds all ANSI B11.1-2009 and OSHA 1910.217 regulations, including Control Reliability.
  • Resolver-based, for accuracy and long-term reliability
  • High-visibility LED crank angle and speed display
  • Built-in real-time brake monitor to monitor stopping performance.
  • Interrupted stroke provision significantly improves pressroom productivity
  • Micro-inch capability improves set-up
  • 3 available user-defined inputs (including 1 cross-checked pair for safety applications)
  • Self-diagnostic capability quickly identifies problems

Optional Features and Accessories

  • 6-digit counter with a preset
  • Two-channel programmable cam
  • Die block kit
  • Shadow® 8 light curtains for point-of-operation guarding
  • Operator stations and T-stands
  • Optional Foot Switch, One-Hand Control and Bar Mode switches for maximum flexibility

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WPC 2000 - Clutch / Brake Control

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