Coleman Machinery is PROUD to be the Exclusive Rep in Oklahoma and Texas for one of the leading manufacturers of medium and large Servo Presses in the United States – “SEYI Machinery”.

Coleman Machinery is proud to announce it is the Exclusive Rep for SEYI Machinery in Oklahoma and Texas. SEYI’s main customers are spread across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, agriculture machinery, home appliances, consumer electronics, and building materials and hardware manufacturing. With cutting-edge innovation and advanced technical know-how, SEYI creates compelling niche value for all its customers. A complete sales, service and distribution network allows SEYI to provide a comprehensive range of products and immediate technical support to its customers around the world.

“Servo application solutions, automated peripheral integration solutions, and smart stamping management systems” are the three main pillars of SEYI’s development strategy. In addition to actively marketing its class-leading servo presses with multiple advantages such as high precision, high performance, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, SEYI has developed solutions such as intelligent stamping production lines and the seamless integration of automated peripheral systems. At the same time, SEYI is embracing the challenges brought forth by the advent of Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing industry. Through independent R&D and industry-academia collaborative partnerships, SEYI offers customers compelling solutions under the Internet of Things framework, whether it is mechanical stamping or servo pressing processes. Based on customers’ production conditions and the characteristics of respective stamping requirements, machine and production status are actively tracked to ensure products meet all customer needs in smart stamping solutions.

In recent years, SEYI’s medium and large servo presses have demonstrated outstanding results in different application scenarios around the world, especially in the United States, Europe, and Japan, where SEYI has established long-term collaborative partnerships with world-class automotive component manufacturers. In the future, SEYI will actively advance towards integrating customer needs and supply chain optimization solutions. It is committed to providing smart manufacturing solutions for high-end servo products and building a win-win partnership with its customers. SEYI was established in 1962 and completed the public offering of its shares in 2002. It became a listed company traded on the Taipei Exchange (4533 TT).