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Automec Back Gauging Systems

Automec CNC 150

The CNC 150 Backgauge Control is an economical, simple to use control that incorporates the most popular features used in our 30-plus years experience in the press brake backgauging industry.

It offers 150 job memory storage with up to 20 bends per job. The CNC 150 Backgauge Control will control any of the backgauge configurations allowing the operator to form the complete workpiece in one handling by controlling the backgauge, ram depth and gauge bar height of each bend.

The CNC 150 Backgauge Control is our most popular control and is a simple low-cost way to improve your press brake productivity. Productivity increases of over 40% are typical when using this system over manual gauging. While simple, the CNC 150 Backgauge Control still offers enhanced features like reversal on pinch point and backgauge retract and delays. On 2-Axis hydraulic brakes backgauge retract on pinch point allows you to program the backgauge to retract once the workpiece is pinched in order to clear reverse bends. The backgauge retract/delay feature allows the operator to program the backgauge to retract away from the die a specified time and distance to allow the operator time to reposition the workpiece. Both the time and distance of retract can be programmed separately for each bend.

All electronics are housed in a single control panel featuring easy to read LED’s. The velvet-lexan front panel features high-feedback tactile feel pushbuttons. A parts counter keeps track of total parts formed and can be viewed simply by pressing one button. When you release the button you automatically return to the program. A ram offset ± .393” and bend allowance of ± .393" can be programmed for each job to offset all dimensions in the program by the same amount.

The CNC 150 backgauge control system comes with a two-year warranty.

Control Specifications

  • 11-digit part storage
  • 150 jobs (00 to 150)
  • 20 bends per job
  • Programming delay/retract between bends (0 – 9 seconds)
  • Bend allowance ± .393”
  • Calculator to change dimensions incrementally
  • Parts counter
  • 1, 2, or 3 axis
  • .001” resolution
  • Red L.E.D. display
  • IN/MM conversion
  • Membrane Keyboard
  • 30-day battery back up
  • Input power - 115 VAC ± 10% 50/60 HZ, 1A MAX (Control)
  • 2 year warranty

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CoastOne Press, Backgauging Systems, TigerStop, Squaregage Systems, Shearfeed