Wintriss ProCamPAC Programmable Limit Switch

ProCamPAC Programmable Limit Switch

Set accurate, repeatable timing signals for your press.


ProcamPAC Adjust Screen

ProCamPAC Cam Timing Adjust Screen

The Wintriss ProCamPAC programmable cam switch makes it easy to set accurate, repeatable timing signals for your press.   The settings are stored in the SmartPAC 2's tool number memory, and can be quickly recalled to save time during each die change.

Shutheight Initialaztion Values

ProCamPAC Cam Summary



  • Channels can be turned on and off up to 4 times per stroke for applications like spray lube systems that require multiple timing signals
  • Channels can be turned on with the DSV, and turned off a preset time after the press stops for controlling equipment like conveyors that only need to run while the press is running.
  • Global cams allow you to set press-related functions once for all tools
  • Allows on-the-fly adjustments
  • LCD circle diagram represents press stroke for ease of programming
  • Auto advance - Timing automatically advances as the press speed changes
  • Ability to password-protect cam settings
  • Ability to custom name cam channels

Die Protection Show Sensors Screen

ProCamPAC Cam Timing Diagram


  • Part blow-off
  • Feed advance and pilot release control
  • Lubrication
  • Transfer timing
  • Conveyor control
  • Auxiliary cylinder control
  • Loader/unloader timing

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