Jet-Set Lubrication Systems



The JS-TL lube system from JET SET® is a system for dispensing tube bending lubricants. Each system is designed to control and meter the amount of lubricant desired at the specific wear point locations. By utilizing the bender PLC and I/O controls, a minimal amount of lubricant is dispensed through the rod to the mandrel and to wiper dies as needed. Multiple wiper dies in a stack can be independently fed and, will determine the configuration of the system beyond a single stack. The system operates by receiving an electrical signal from the bender and actuating a pneumatic or electrical valve based on the JS-TL board. Lubricant volume is determined by bender timing, bend degree angle, and fluid pressure coming from a pail or drum pump. It can be configured with 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 valves. Contact our specialists for more information on how to minimize usage and improve your application.

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