Jet-Set Lubrication Systems


The JET-SET® Jet Pack module provides you with a complete automatic airless spray system. These systems can come with up to 4 pumps and can be activated together or the pumps can come on its own manifold with its own electrically activated solenoid giving you the option when and where to fire each pump. The JP-3E comes standard 110v unless specified

All the Jet Pack systems come complete with our 7100 Jet Pack pump that offers high life cycles with very low maintenence. Utilizing stainless steel components and Viton seals, the 7100 pump will provide millions of trouble free cycles.

Jet Pack modules are all stainless steel with standard 2.5 gallon tanks. The Jet Pack system utilizes reuseable filter, air regulators and stainless steel pumps with qcik disconnect for nozzles. Jet Pack systems can also be supplied with 5 or 21 gallon reservoirs.

Volume output is from 0 to 1 cc of fluid. Jet Pack pumps are mounted on manifolds for ease of pump change-over.

Weather you use one pump in the package or several, each pump can be adjusted to meet the lubricant requitments at each station. The Jet Pack system is capable of spraying light water or water soluble oils through individually controlled pumps (7100). Jet Pack modules are activated by an air limit switch mounted on a 200lb 'Stay-Put' magnet, which can easily be positioned.

Jet Pack systems can also come with multiple pumps, solenoids and different size tanks.

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