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Automec CNC 300

The CNC 300 Backgauge Control can be programmed as simple as our popular CNC 150 or it can be programmed to utilize an array of sophisticated functions. These include ram angle mode with angle correction, automatic ram referencing, backgauge reversal on pinch point, backgauge retract and delay, top of stroke reference, and a parts counter. The CNC 300 Backgauge Control is available as a one, two or three axis system and can be connected to all Automec 24” and 48” backgauges, ram controls and programmable gauge bar height options.

With the CNC 300 Backgauge Control, the user decides what level of sophistication he wants out of the control and when he wants to implement it. All systems are built the same, but the operator decides if he wants to program utilizing the angle mode or the depth mode. If the operator chooses not to enter such information as tooling parameters, the system can be calibrated and operated in the traditional depth mode without entering the tooling information.

The angle mode allows the operator to program the angle directly in degrees. When programming in degrees the actual angle can vary from the programmed angle due to material thickness variations or springback. Simply program your measured angle and the CNC 300 Backgauge Control will adjust automatically to the correct programmed angle. The CNC 300 will also calibrate at “top of stroke” which means the ram will recalibrate itself without touching off the material after the operator has programmed the bottom tool height, the top tool height and the material thickness.

The CNC 300 is a durable control for the shop floor that offers an array of features at an affordable price.

Control Specifications

  • 2 - Ram Depth Modes: Ram display can show true ram position in Depth or Angle.
  • Ram Offset - All ram dimensions can be offset ± .393” with one data entry.
  • Gauge Offset - All backgauge dimensions can be offset ± .393” with one data entry.
  • 300 Jobs (00 to 299)
  • 10 Bends per Job (linking available)
  • 11 Digit Job Number
  • Top of Stroke Reference
  • Depth or Angle Mode
  • Programmable Delay/Retract between Bends (0 - 19 sec.)
  • Programming delay/retract between bends (0 – 9 seconds)
  • Bend allowance ± .393”
  • Calculator to change dimensions incrementally
  • Angle Adjust for Angle Correction
  • Backgauge Reversal on Pinch Point (time and distance)
  • Parts counter
  • Automatic Ram Calibration to Tool Heights
  • 1, 2, or 3 axis
  • .001” resolution
  • Red L.E.D. display
  • IN/MM conversion
  • Membrane Keyboard
  • 30-day battery back up
  • 20", 24” or 48” Backgauge
  • Input power - 115 VAC ± 10% 50/60 HZ, 1A MAX (Control)
  • 2 year warranty

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CoastOne Press, Backgauging Systems, TigerStop, Squaregage Systems, Shearfeed