Wintriss SmartPAC 2 - SmartView Network Interface

SmartPAC 2 - SmartView Network Interface

View press status, production counts, tonnage, and other information in real time, from anywhere.


SmartPAC 2's SmartView Network Interface is a new Windows application that allows you to view press status and other information from your Windows PC over the World Wide Web.   The software is free; all you need is a connection to your in-house network.

SmartView Main Page

SmartView Network Interface - Summary Screen


With SmartView, you can find out which presses are running, which presses are not, and why.   SmartView calculates the percentage of job complete and the estimated time until job completion, and displays the tonnage if the SmartPAC 2 is equipped with a tonnage monitor.

SmartView's Event Log displays a comprehensive, date and time-stamped list of the last 200 events and errors that occurred at each SmartPAC 2.

SmartView also displays the firmware versions and installed options for each SmartPAC 2 - in a list that can be exported to Excel.


Send Remote Messages to the SmartPAC 2
You can also send a text message to the press operator!   Using SmartView, you can send short (up to 120 characters) messages from your desktop computer or web-enabled mobile device that are displayed on the SmartPAC 2's screen as a 'sticky' note and recorded in SmartPAC 2's Error/Event log.

SmartView requires Windows 7 or newer (or Windows 2008 Server or newer). For older operating systems, or for those that wish to continue using it, our Internet Explorer-based SmartView Web Interface is still available.


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