Wintriss SmartPAC2 Remote Access

SmartPAC 2 Remote Access

Run your SmartPAC 2 from your desktop PC

SmartPAC 2's Remote Access feature allows you to view and run your SmartPAC 2 remotely over your network.   You can view the settings, create new setups, make and save program modifications, and monitor the SmartPAC 2 from any Windows PC on your network.


How it works
With the Remote Access firmware installed and the SmartPAC 2 on the network, any Windows PC user on the network can download and run the Remote Access Viewer.   The user enters the IP address of the SmartPAC 2 to be accessed, and then enters a password to gain access.

Once accessed, the SmartPAC 2 screen will open in a window along with a 'skin' that simulates the SmartPAC 2's keypad. You can then use the computer keyboard and mouse to run the SmartPAC 2. Remote Access is a true parallel interface. Every keystroke or action you take on the remote computer shows up on the SmartPAC 2’s display, and every keystroke or action made on the SmartPAC 2 is echoed on the screen of the remote computer.

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