Wintriss SmartPAC 2 Email Messaging

SmartPAC 2 Email Messaging

Send SmartPAC 2 diagnostic and status information via email - right at the machine.


SmartPAC 2 Messaging

When connected to your network, the SmartPAC 2 allows the press operator to send text messages, diagnostic information, and screen captures to email recipients, as well as text-enabled pagers and cell-phones.   When your press needs the attention of maintenance, tooling, or other personnel, the operator simply selects the name of the person that he wants to contact and sends a message.

The SmartPAC 2 can also send detailed configuration, status, diagnostic information and even screen captures to the Wintriss Tech Support Group – giving our already industry-best support staff even more tools to help you with your application and troubleshooting questions.

SmartPAC 2 Messaging

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