Automec CNC 9×9


The CNC 9×9 backgauge control system is a simple-to-use 9 bend, single axis system that was developed as a low cost solution to be used with Automec’s series of backgauges for pressbrakes. The system comes with a two year warranty.

The typical CNC 9×9 user bends simple parts. The system can be used for single bend “go to” positioning or sequential bending of up to 9 bends with up to 9 repeats of identical bends.

The CNC9x9 backgauge system retains the same speed, accuracy, and repeatability as provided by Automec’s higher end controls at a more affordable price. The system also features bend allowance and inch/mm conversion. The operator can display backgauge position, bend number, and cycles per bend. Error messages appear when unattainable dimensions are entered and all backgauge dimensions can be offset ± .999” with one data entry.

The CNC9x9 backgauge system consists of a mechanical gauging mechanism, controller, gauge bar, (2) flip fingers, instruction manual, interconnect cables and mounting hardware.

The CNC9x9 is also offered as a control only upgrade for our customers looking to replace their old G24 controls.