Automec PC800


The PC 800 is a graphical control for Automec’s family of backgauges that uses digital photos and 2-D graphics to make your pressbrake forming easier and is available in up to 3 axes.

In addition to the 2-D graphical representation of the part forming sequence, PC 800 allows you to use jpeg photos of your tools and workpiece to give the operator a better visual representation of each bend. It is as simple as downloading photos from your camera to your home computer. Photos enhance the 2-D graphic simulation because you can see the actual part with all of its cut-outs, holes and insertion hardware. You can see how the operator positions the part on the die and the orientation of the gauge fingers.

Some operators will opt to use both methods of programming on the same job. The part can be created using the 2-D graphics mode to check for tooling interferences, and then, in the run mode the photos of each bend can be substituted for the 2-D graphics. You can use both methods of programming together or separately. The choice is yours.

Tool selection and programming is easy with the PC 800. Simply fill in the blanks on a template screen, then select a tool from our preloaded images or photograph your own to store in the tool library. PC 800 lets you load a separate tool set for each bend if required. A material list can be created which carries all parameters including thickness, type of material and spring back characteristics. When corrections are made to angles you have the option of storing these corrections for that particular material. This minimizes angle corrections the next time this material is used on another job.

The PC 800 uses a Microsoft Windows Win7-32 bit operating system which is familiar to most people and is seamless to network. PC 800 is powered by 1.8 GHz Dual Core CPU, 60GB solid state hard drive and 2 GB DDR3 memory giving you virtually unlimited job, tooling and material library storage. Jobs can be programmed at the pressbrake or offline. Data can be entered directly on the 15.1” color LCD touch screen or by using a standard PC keyboard and mouse. The PC 800 also comes standard with two external USB ports so that data can be backed up and transferred between machines and digital photos can be quickly downloaded.