When you need higher tensile stamping, Minster E2H meets the requirements for the job.

Increased energy while operating at higher speeds, larger upright openings, and deflection reduction. Offering some of the most technologically advanced features in material forming.

Additional flexibility and capacity running both large and small dies on the same press.

Blank high strength material at higher speeds with greater uptime and increased die life.

Run progressive and transfer dies with high off-center loading.

Increased flexibility with the ability to run high speed dies and lower speed forming dies in the same press.

Perform in-die sensing at maximum speed and stop prior to the bottom of the stroke.

Inspect and trouble-shoot dies and release jams faster without adjusting your shut height.

The Minster E2H boasts a massive four-piece, pre-loaded frame utilizing high tensile cast iron for the ultimate in vibration and noise dampening. The ultra-low deflection cast bed includes two double walls which reduce front-to-back deflections by 33% over industry standards for general purpose presses. This gives the user the flexibility to run small, full tonnage dies on a large press while maintaining part quality and extending die life. Steel VIBRATION AMPLITUDE Ductile and Malleable Irons Gray Iron TIME 0 All E2H presses have large tie rods with rolled threads. Rolled threads are capable of handling up to three times the load of standard cut threads. This added capability is essential in the event of an overload situation.

Minster’s one-piece forged eccentric crankshaft is precision ground, holding high throw-to-throw accuracies that provide superior dynamic parallelism and increased die life in close tolerance dies. Eccentric shafts provide more accuracy and higher rigidity than eccentric gears or crankshafts, and they have approximately 33% more load bearing area and less deflection than a standard crank shaft. This design significantly increases the press’s ability to handle snap-thru forces as compared to a crank shaft or eccentric gear design.