High Speed Presses

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Minster High Speed Presses provide consistent accuracy automated high speed blanking. The 80 metric ton machine is capable of 1000 SPM with a stroke length of 25mm making the Hummingbird the fastest machine of its type in this tonnage range. The Hummingbird frame is of class 40 grade cast iron. Minster’s construction provides the compressive strength and vibration dampening that provides greater die life and part accuracy. The massive bed of the Hummingbird press has a maximum deflection of .001″ per foot increasing die life and improving part quality. The Hummingbird slide is designed to minimize deflection under full loading. The high strength 1045 steel connections and pistons are made specifically for high speed blanking. This feature, designed to handle snap through forces equal to 50% tonnage rating of the press, reduces punch penetration and promotes die life. The Hummingbird series are flywheel type presses to provide higher speeds for punching, notching and blanking operations. Minster’s patented combination hydraulic clutch and brake produces the maximum torque possible providing for faster starting and stopping, resulting in increased production. A segmented drive disc design provides easy maintenance. In addition, Minster’s clutch and brake unit requires no adjustment and years of maintenance-free operation, resulting in less downtime and higher production rates. The dynamic balancing system on the Hummingbird greatly reduces the effect of the slide and tooling inertia forces caused by running at high speeds. This reciprocating balancer helps maintain precise slide bottom dead-center repeatability resulting in less die wear and greater part accuracy.

Minster Full Function Production Management Control featuring: • Programmable Limit Switch • Clutch engagement hour meter • Color touch screen operator interface • Diagnostic capability • Maintenance mode monitoring capability • Production counter with batch capability • Analog/digital stroke position indicator • Control voltage 24 VDC where possible • Tool ID storage • Multiple language capability

The design of the HB Series features a totally sealed crown and hydrostatic piston drive system. This helps keep contaminates out of the lube system, prevents oil loss and provides a cleaner work environment. Minster’s Hummingbird presses provide a Thermal Control Package consisting of a air/oil heat exchanger and preheating system. A thermostatically controlled heating system helps maintain the oil at a constant temperature, thereby reducing shut height fluctuations. The Hummingbird is guided by four hydrostatic pass line guide posts for accuracy and repeatability. Quick access to dies is provided by a hydraulic system which lifts the slide as much as 50mm. The hydraulic system returns the slide to the original shut height position against a mechanical stop, maintaining tool settings. This feature enhances die accessibility and allows fast and easy unsticking from the bottom even with shorter strokes and higher speeds, thus contributing to greater production efficiency.