Straight Side Mechanical Presses

200-1600 Tons Capacity


  • • Minster Production Management Control (PMC)
    • Crown and Bed Provide Strength and Accuracy Required in a Precision Press
    • One Piece Forged Eccentric Shaft
    • Tie Rod Construction with Heavy Uprights for Frame Rigidity
    • Heavy Slide and Connections
    • Eight-Point Gibbing for Precision Slide Guiding
    • Drive Arrangement Options for Maximum Press Efficiency
    • Variable Frequency Drives
    • Minster MonitorFlow Continuous Monitored Press Lubrication
    • Patented Minster Hydraulic Clutch and Brake
    • Counterbalances
    • Rapid and Exact Shutheight
    • Shutheight Indicator
    • Flywheel Brake


  • Minster Alternative Slide Motion (ASM)
    • Hydraulic Tie Rod Nuts
    • Hydraulic Overload
    • PMConnect Production Monitoring Software
    • Feed Pad Arrangements
    • Crankshaft Extensions
    • Die Safety Blocks
    • Press Mounts
    • Stock Lubrication Systems
    • Die Space Enclosures
    • Light Curtains
    • Quick Die Change Solutions
    • Special Slide/Bolster Machining
    • Shutheight Ranges
    • Stroke Lengths
    • Arrange for Crossbar Knockouts
    • Bed Deflection of .001"/ft. or .0005"/ft.
    • Die Clamping Arrangements
    • Safety Railing
    • Die Cushions
    • Line Voltage
    • Single Stroke
    • 120 Volt Duplex Receptacles
    • Tie Rod Heaters
    • Rolling Bolster
    • Sliding Pendant for Press and Feed Set-Up
    • Air Blow Off
    • Die Area Lighting
    • T-Stand Operator's Station
    • Pax Products Die Doors

Lower Deflection & Greater Flexibility
Standard presses are designed to have a bed deflection of 0.001” to 0.002” per foot (0,083 to 0,167 mm/M) when full-rated tonnage is distributed over two-thirds of the bed. In addition, the slide deflection of a standard press will be approx. 1.5 times more than the bed deflection. As shown, the E2H has been designed with extremely low deflection providing the ability to run tighter punch-to-die clearance, as well as the flexibility to run small, full tonnage dies on a large press while maintaining part quality and die life.
Four massive, vertical walls of the E2H bed provide low deflection and the ability to run smaller, full tonnage dies. Circulating oil through the bed assures consistent bed and slide temperatures, which maintain die alignment.
The E2H slide adjustment and quick access assembly are integral to the slide structure. This provides direct support across a wide area of evenly distributed loads, resulting in low deflection and greater resistance to off-center loading.

Patented Minster Hydraulic Clutch and Brake Unit
Minster’s combination hydraulic clutch and brake produces the maximum torque possible providing for faster starting and stopping, resulting in increased production. A patented segmented drive disc design provides safe and reliable operation, variable clutch torque and easy maintenance. In addition, Minster’s clutch and brake unit requires no adjustment and years of maintenance-free operation, resulting in less downtime and higher production rates. The Minster combination hydraulic clutch and brake provides the ability to single stroke at high rates while simultaneously providing unparalleled stopping time ability that is critical for high speed and in-die sensing applications.

Motorized Slide Adjustment
The slide adjustment on the E2H is driven by a hydraulic motor connected to hardened worm shafts with zero backlash couplings and is supported on anti-friction bearings. The adjustment mechanism includes a shock mounted electronic resolver to display and adjust shut height on the press console.

Flywheel Brake
The flywheel brake design on the Minster E2H gives the operator the ability to quickly slow the flywheel to a pre-set speed. The combination of an increased brake contact area, reduced surface contact pressure, and increased usable lining thickness provides seven to ten times the life of a normal brake lining.


Straight Side Press Information


Eccentric Shaft
Minster’s one-piece forged eccentric crankshaft is precision ground, holding high throw-to-throw accuracies that provide superior dynamic parallelism and increased die life in close tolerance dies. Eccentric shafts provide more accuracy and higher rigidity than eccentric gears or crankshafts, and they have approximately 33% more load bearing area and less deflection than a standard crankshaft. This design significantly increases the press’s ability to handle snap-thru forces as compared to a crankshaft or eccentric gear design.

Massive Frame Construction
The E2H boasts a massive four-piece, pre-loaded frame utilizing high tensile cast iron for the ultimate in vibration and noise dampening. The ultra-low deflection cast bed includes two double walls which reduce front-to-back deflections by 33% over industry standards for general purpose presses. This gives the user the flexibility to run small, full tonnage dies on a large press while maintaining part quality and extending die life. All E2H presses have large tie rods with rolled threads. Rolled threads are capable of handling up to three times the load of standard cut threads. This added capability is essential in the event of an overload situation.

Drive Arrangement
The Minster E2H utilizes twin helical gears in both its single and double geared arrangements. The advantages of Minster’s twin drive arrangement include:
• Improved slide parallelism throughout the working portion of the stroke.
• Virtual elimination of torsional deflection between connections and main bearing maintaining slide parallelism through the working portion of the stroke.
• Improved dynamic parallelism when subjected to off-center loading.
• Decreased punch penetration in snap-thru conditions as a result of twin drive having only 1/2 of torsional wind-up of a typical center drive press with the same size shaft.
In addition, twin drives provide: increased gear life and reduced noise compared to presses utilizing spur gears; and improved gear timing and serviceability as a result of mounting the gears to their shafts without keys.

Torsional Wind-Up Comparison
Finite Element Analysis proves that vertical deflection of a center drive is twice that of a twin drive when maximum rated torque and tonnage are applied evenly to each connection. This results in less stiffness and increased punch penetration in snap-thru applications
on a center drive machine.

Full Wrist Pins
Full wrist pins, supplied with high-pressure oil, provide superior snap-thru ratings with reduced wear and deflection. The high tensile stiffness of this design results in improved bottom- dead-center repeatability along with reduced die punch penetration which are critical during high tensile blanking operations. In a snap-thru condition, a wrist pin is subjected to pure shear forces while the connection is only subjected to simple tension forces. Comparatively, when a ball and socket design is subjected to snap-thru, in addition to the shear and tension forces, the ball bushing and retainer are also subjected to bending moments which create a more severe stress situation.

Minster E2 Eccentric Shaft Straight Side Press

Eccentric Shaft, Straight Side Presses | 200-1600 Tons Capacity | Up to 150 SPM

Specially designed with excellent built-in parallelism for heavy progressive die work, heavy material blanking and forming and cold forming jobs requiring higher production speed.  The Minster E2 finds wide application in industries where its stamina, rigidity and speed range make it the best press for the rough, tough jobs.


E2H Straight Side Overview
Minster’s E2H Series press is designed for today’s higher tensile stamping requirements. The E2H has been configured to provide increased energy while operating at higher speeds with larger upright openings and reduced deflections. The E2H offers some of the most technologically advanced features in the material forming industry.

  1. Additional flexibility and capacity running both large and small dies on the same press.
  2. Blank high strength material at higher speeds with greater uptime and increased die life.
  3. Run progressive and transfer dies with high off-center loading.
  4. Increased flexibility with the ability to run high speed dies and lower speed forming dies in the same press.
  5. Perform in-die sensing at maximum speed and stop prior to the bottom of the stroke.
  6. Inspect and trouble-shoot dies and release jams faster without adjusting your shut height.

Production Management Control (PMC)
Incorporates all press functions including:
• Full machine diagnostics detailing all press and feed line faults.
• Multiple selectable languages.
• Open architecture which allows for greater convenience in planning and maintenance.
• PLC and color touch screen technology; all press and feed line functions can be monitored for efficient diagnosis of production line faults.
Available popular options include: die protection, load monitoring as well as
automatic shut height and counterbalance controls.

FieldHawk - i4.0
FieldHawk is a cloud-based mobile application designed to communicate with your Nidec stamping press lines from your iOS or Android mobile devices. Cloud-based, secured communications allows all authorized users to check machinery status from anywhere you can get phone service and/or an internet connection, thus reducing downtime.

Isolation Press Mounts
Isolation press mounts are included and standard on Minster E2H presses.