P/A Heavy Duty Servo Driven Roll Feeds

Our P/A Press Equipment servo driven roll feeds process widths from 2” through 84”. Material thickness ranging from .006” to .625” can also be processed.

P/A K650 Maximus

Adjustable pass line press mounted and cabinet mounted models available. Typically P/A servo feeds require a free loop from a powered straightener or reel; however, models with pull through straighteners are available(see loop concepts in our technical resources section).

Features include:

  • AC brushless servo motors: high performance and maintenance-free
  • Fully programmable feed lengths from .001” to 999.999”
  • Feed advisor feature to optimize feed angle and feed speed to feed length
  • Tool memory for quick error free setup
  • Closed loop servo system – feed instruction is checked by actual roll movement
  • Easy to use operator interface compatible with Wintriss and other press automation control systems
  • Programmable limit switches required for feed and pilot release timing
  • Kevlar timing belt and sheave drive
  • Cluster gear drive of upper feed roll
  • Feeding accuracy of ±.003” or better
  • Heavy duty press mount or fabricated cabinet
  • Adjustable pass line height
  • Self-centering material guides
  • Adjustable air operated pilot release mechanism
  • Feed roll surfaces/coatings to suit your application
  • Catenary curved stock entry support roller sections
  • Coil handling support equipment for turn key feed lines available

Optional features such as motorized pass line, anti-backup rolls, overhead cable sets, matte chrome and other special roll finishes, and press automation/servo controls allow these feeds to be customized to meet any application needs.