Ready Benders

READY Benders┬« are the SMART alternative to  wipe tooling

Using a patented action, "READY Benders®" transfer the vertical movement of any press into a precise, rotary forming motion.

Benders Increase Part quality:
  • Hold +/- 0.5o angle tolerance (no coining required);
  • Overbend up to 120o in one press stroke;
  • Benders are more tolerant of material thickness variations;
  • Hold consistent leg heights, eliminates cams and re-strikes
  • Hole locations near bends are usually not distorted
  • Forms prepainted and decorated materials without tool marks (with optional Delrin pad)
  • Ideal for forming high-strength steel and aluminium
  • Forms narrow channels and and short leg bends

Benders reduce tooling costs:

  • Less expensive than wipe tooling (no try-out and regrind operations needed)
  • Reduces operations and die stations
  • Decreases forming tonnage by 50% to 80%


Popular Bender Options:

Dart Stiffeners...Benders make it easy

Standard 45 degree darts are shown but you can specify your own angle and dowel size.

Darts are rolled into the part during bending, reducing springback ands stiffening the part. Darts are produced using dowels through the rocker and require relief grooves in the anvil.

Darts are available extras on all READY Benders.


Over-Square Bends...up to 1200 in one press stroke

The Ready Bender's ability to bend up to thirty degrees beyond ninety is one of its greatest features. This can be achieved by a simple modification to the standard rocker (most customers can do this themselves).



The "Hemmer"

This patented tool can form a slightly open bend completely flat in one single vertical press stroke. Use it to form UP or DOWN in high-production stamping dies and automated machines. Eliminate the cam-action "pre-hem" operation and do hems in two stations instead of three.



Metal Stamping

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