MOD-1E: JET-SET® spray system with a 5 Gallon stainless steel tank. Includes: One JET-SET 9100 stainless steel piston pump (0-5cc per stroke) with 5 outlets. Electrical solenoid to receive an external signal for system activation.

The electric solenoid in the module is wired into the machine so that a shot of lubrication is given at the beginning of each machine cycle.

The MOD-1E comes stantard with a 9100 pump that will give millions of cycles of maintenence free operation. All Jet-Set pumps provide easy volume regulation by just turning down the large knob on top of the pump. You can regulate the output from 0 to 5 cc per cycle.

The MOD-1E may also be supplied with a 1401 timer, 1471 counter or both, to either count cycles or give more than one shot per cycle