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UniPunch helps manufacturers make parts fast using reusable modular bump dies known as “C-frame” or “unitized” press tooling.

UniPunch tooling makes holes fast in small job shops and large factories. Manufacturers free up their CNC turrets and lasers. UniPunch tooling is quick to acquire, inexpensive. And reusable.

image 1 The Wintriss SmartPAC® 2 press automation control integrates programmable limit switch, die protection, clutch/brake control, tonnage signature analysis, and automated setup of counterbalance and shutheight into one control.

The SmartPAC 2 features a large color screen, advanced communications, superior graphics, and the most user-friendly operator interface in the industry. Its built-in Ethernet capability allows you to view the press status and other information from your networked controls over the World Wide Web.

No special software is needed. All you need is a remote connection to your in-house network and a web browser. The SmartPAC 2’s Info Center feature allows you to display setup sheets, part drawings, and other information right at the press.

Porter Precision manufactures high quality custom made parts using state of the art CNC Equipment, as well as a complete line of punching and piercing components.

Porter is ISO 9001:2008 quality, with fast dependable service, competitive prices, prompt response to RFQ's and on time deliveries.

DADCO is the leader in nitrogen gas spring technology, offering a complete line of nitrogen gas springs, nitrogen gas spring lifters, ISO air cylinders, hydraulic core pins and accessories. DADCO's products are widely approved and used in global stamping operations for many industries including metal stamping, automotive and plastic injection molding.

Specific Press Brake Dies providing Standard style, European-style and Custom Configured Press Brake Tooling for over 14 years.

• Longest capacity machining capability in the industry • Utilizes our own patented Compensating Deflection Die Holder • Full reconditioning services of existing press brake tooling • Custom Brake Press Tooling & Brake Press Dies • Patented Die Lifters allowing easy roll press brake dies out of press brakes.

Servos Are Us P/A Industries was the first manufacturer to recognize that the investment (price) was just as important as the new technology of servo-driven press feeding equipment using servo motors to control roll feeds. P/A Industries is the Value Leader with the Most Affordable range of servo roll feeds - with models to fit any serious buyer. Roll Diameter Size is Critical All P/A Industries Servo Roll Feed models have extra-large rolls to withstand the toughest abuse and harshest pressroom environment. Compare our rated specifications and generous roll diameter against any other feed builder. Size does make a difference.

All of our mechanical assemblies are made from heavy cast frames, stabilized and then machined. The rugged design of our servo roll feeds eliminates maintenance. And P/A Industries includes user-friendly features at no extra charge – like catenary, quick-release handles to adjust roller stock guides, exit support and stock buckle bridge, transition mounting brackets, positive pilot release roller cam and roll release lever for material insertion.

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