The Wintriss SmartPAC® 2 press automation control integrates programmable limit switch, die protection, clutch/brake control, tonnage signature analysis, and automated setup of counterbalance and shut height into one control.

The SmartPAC 2 features a large color screen, advanced communications, superior graphics, and the most user-friendly operator interface in the industry. Its built-in Ethernet capability allows you to view the press status and other information from your networked controls over the World Wide Web.

No special software is needed. All you need is a remote connection to your in-house network and a web browser. The SmartPAC 2’s Info Center feature allows you to display setup sheets, part drawings, and other information right at the press.

Porter Precision ProductsPorter has always provided the stamping world with complete lines of both inch and metric standardized components. Facilities in Ohio, Georgia, and Canada produce these standard items sized to customer callout quickly and economically. First class deliveries without exorbitant added costs have made Porter a favorite in die shops everywhere.
Specific Press Brake Dies Specific Press Brake Dies provides Standard Style (American,) European-style and custom configured press brake tooling with a difference... high precision at reasonable prices. To exceed our customers' expectations for value, we look to manufacturing processes - our own as well as those of our customers - with a commitment to making both as productive as possible.
MDL ComponentsMDL Mold & Die Components, Inc. distributes two major lines of tooling components. The “D” line of components, interchangeable with components from Danly/IEM*, and the “L” line of components, interchangeable with components from Lamina**.
UnipunchUniPunch tooling is a simple way to enjoy faster factory throughput, and the UniPunch design team is available to help you get started. When you send us a part drawing, we review your needs and draw on our combined 100 years of experience and our unique library of past projects to recommend the tooling option best suited for your part in your application. At UniPunch we normally satisfy customer needs from our broad product line of standard components, all of which are readily available off-the-shelf because we keep a large inventory to serve you.

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